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Ethiopia: Government confirms 46 nationals drowned in Indian Ocean


The Federal Government Communication Affairs Office of Ethiopia (GCAO) confirmed on Tuesday the drowning of 46 of its nationals in the Indian ocean earlier this month.

On June 6, a boat carrying 100 Ethiopians disembarked from the port of Bosaso in Somalia hoping to reach the Yemeni coast.

However, the boat capsized in the Indian ocean before it could reach the Yemeni coast leaving 46 dead. Fifteen others are still missing. The remaining 39 Ethiopians were rescued by Yemeni locals.

GCAO said it had confirmed the boat was carrying people beyond its capacity and is working with the International Organization for Migration to give emergency health treatment to the survivors of the boat wreck which is currently sheltered in Yemen.

GCAO further said it's working with regional and international organizations to bring to justice human traffickers who are responsible for such kind of tragedies.

It is estimated that every year thousands of Ethiopians looking for better economic opportunities abroad are trafficked through Somalia, Djibouti, the Red Sea and Indian Ocean to reach the Arabian Peninsula.

Ethiopian migrants in Yemen reportedly face constant abuses by smugglers and other criminals, including arbitrary detention, physical violence, sexual assaults and forced labor.


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