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Mozambique: Ruling party awaits election victory


Mozambique's ruling Frelimo party, which has ruled the southern African nation since the country obtained independence from Portugal in 1975 seems to be set for another election victory according to preliminary results published by local media.

President Fillipe Nyusi -- 60 -- of the ruling Frelimo party has garnered at least 70% of the votes counted, followed by the main opposition party Renamo, led by Ossufo Momade -- 58 -- who has reportedly obtained about 21% of the votes, according to a report published in the English online publication, Club of Mozambique.

Meanwhile, Frelimo is leading in seven districts in the Gaza province, according to the results reportedly given to them by the country's Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration in the province, said the Portuguese language publication Noticias.

The Mozambique Democratic Movement, which split from Renamo, has reportedly obtained 7% of the votes already counted while the Action Party of the United Movement for Integral Salvation has less than 1% according to local media reports.

More than 12 million people registered to vote in Tuesday's presidential, parliamentary, and provincial elections.

Local media also reported incidents of tensions in parts of the country, which escalated on Wednesday and Thursday as a group of people attempted to interfere with vote counting at polling stations in the central province of Zambezia.

Police reportedly apprehended at least 17 suspects linked to a group that vandalized a police car that was transporting officers to deal with the chaos.
Whoever wins the polls will be expected to develop Mozambique's economy and consolidate peace in the southern African nation which experienced years of insurgence from opposition rebels and militant attacks.

Momade pledged to change the lives of Mozambicans via job creation.

During one of his rallies, he accused Frelimo for failing to deliver promises of jobs.

For his part, Nyusi, who has ruled Mozambique for the last five years, asked voters to entrust him with their support during a rally in the capital Maputo saying his party was best-placed to govern Mozambique.

"Frelimo is prepared to continue building this nation with peace, security and political stability," he said at a rally streamed online amid cheers from his supporters.

The general election is expected to test the significance of the recently signed peace deal between the government of Mozambique and former rebel group Renamo, sealed last August and ending years of conflict in the southern African nation.

Several African leaders attended the signing of the document between Nyusi and Momade in Maputo.

Renamo launched a civil war against the ruling government in 1975 shortly after Mozambique gained independence from Portugal.

The on-and-off conflict lasted over 15 years, claiming around one million lives.



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