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  • 5th Gas Summit - GECF. Malabo 2019

5th Gas Summit - GECF. Malabo 2019

Declarations from V Summit of Heads of State and Government from GECF Members


The importance of coordination and cooperation between GECF member countries and the promotion of dialogue were essential topics aimed at further improving the efficiency of the GECF in the promotion of international cooperation aimed at the development of industrial gas.

The strategic role of the development, deployment and transfer of advances technologies for the more effective production and use of natural gas is essential, and to do that various points in common were raised during the meeting:

  • The promotion of natural gas as an affordable, abundant, reliable energy source through support for the expansion of the use of natural gas on a national and international level in various forms and sectors.
  • An increase in the contribution of natural gas as a destination fuel for the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, in addition to the protection of the environment.
  • Support for the common interests of member countries, in accordance with the stipulations of Summit declarations, the GECF Statutes, and the long-term strategy through suitable policies and measures in order to maximise the benefits of natural gas through economic development and social progress for our peoples.
  • Strengthening the GECF as an effective platform through which member countries cooperation in matters related to natural gas, through the development of additional experience within the organisation, and the exchange of points of view regarding market conditions and the outlook for natural gas through appropriate GECF mechanisms, in order to promote the international sale of gas.
  • Support for the essential role of long-term gas contracts, and the price of gas based on the indexing of oil and oil derivatives, in order to ensure stable investment in the development of natural gas resources.
  • An improvement in the international positioning of the GECF, attracting new members, promoting dialogue between producers and consumers, and extending cooperation with relevant intergovernmental and international organisations and bodies.
  • Promoting GECF cooperation with African countries in order that they use gas as a central source of energy in their development programmes and climate change policies, with the aim of boosting the energy use.
  • Improving development and mitigating CO2 emissions.

The Heads of State and Government welcomed the proposals from the State of Qatar to organise the 6th FMAM Summit in 2021, and from the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria to organise the 7th FMAM Summit in 2023. Furthermore, the Heads of State thanked H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo for his excellent leadership of the 5th GECF Summit, and the Government and people of Equatorial Guinea for their hospitality and excellent organisation of the summit.

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