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The capital of Equatorial Guinea – Malabo – is located by the foot of the volcano St. Isabel in the northern part of Bioko Island. Far before the coming of the Portugal colonists, the island was inhabited by the original tribe called bubi. Malabo was the name of their leader, who fought against the European aliens. The Portugal Fernando Po was the last to discover the way here in 1472.

In 1827, the British founded a settlement called Port Clarence, which later became the city of Malabo, to combat slave trade in the costal area. In 1843, the Island was conquered by Spain and Port Clarence turned into St. Isabel. The city was rapidly developing and the colonial government gave it the status of the administrative center of the Spanish Guinea. Today’s name the city received in 1973, five years after the Equatorial Guinea declared independence from Spain. Today, Malabo is one of the most cosmopolitan and rapidly developing capitals of Africa. The Biafra Gulf washing its coast is dotted with oil rigs, while the city is swarming with foreign delegations. Here, there are global hotel chains, and the international airport. New roads and housing for low-income families are being under construction. The cultural life is linked with the cultural centers of Spain and France. The population of Malabo is about 187 000 people.

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