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Important cultural event in Xauen


The meeting served as a framework for reviewing the history of Ibero-American civilisation, while the Equatoguinean ambassador recalled the importance of extending this with a wider vision of Afroiberoamerican conceptualisation. Obama Ondo also highlighted the fact that Equatorial Guinea, as the only Spanish-speaking country in Sub-Saharan Africa,  carries out an important role in promoting the Spanish language on the continent.

Reviewing the relations of friendship and cooperation between Equatorial Guinea and Morocco, the ambassador highlighted the friendly welcome on the return of Morocco to its institutional family, the African Union, and then underlined the importance of the historical relations between our nation and Morocco, and the need and interest in promoting cultural exchanges to allow our countries to get to know each other better.

Obama Ondo also recognised that the new generation of Moroccans, despite the proximity, and the historical and brotherly ties existing between our countries, know little about Equatorial Guinea, and mentioned the importance of visiting.

After holding meetings with various authorities and student groups, many of the young people present expressed curiosity and promised to organise visits to Equatorial Guinea.

The meeting, which was also attended by the Panama Ambassador, also served to analyse the power of parallel diplomacy or cultural exchanges, as opposed to institutional diplomacy, within the current context of South-South cooperation.

On the photo: On the right, Crisantos Obama Ondo,
during his speech

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