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Celebration of International Day of the Woman Worker at the Equatorial Guinea Embassy in Spain


The events began with a performance from the singer Muana Sinepi, and words of welcome from the ambassador Purificación Angue Ondo, before an auditorium without a vacant seat, and over fifty people who stood to watch the various events which took place.

The ambassador referred to what International Day of the Woman Worker means and, among other things, reported to those present that since 1980 Equatorial Guinea has a Ministry for Women, which shows the importance given by the Government to female empowerment.

Then there was a catwalk by the fashion designer Muana Sinepi, who presented her latest collection, which was received with great applause for its originality and elegance. There was also a presentation of the magazine "Raíces", by its chief, Linda Engonga.

The next event was a conference on the influence of food on the Equatoguinean diet, by Doctor Lorenzo Edú, who through his anecdotes raised a smile with the audience, in addition to reporting on how food influences the various conditions we may suffer.

Traditional dance also had a place, with the Mokom, Mdowe and Ibanga dances, by the Fang, Ndowe and Bubi ethnic groups and the Antorcha Group from Zaragoza.

Another feature of the day was the seminar on "Women and Tradition", in which women from various ethnic backgrounds explained the birth process for babies in each of the ethnic groups.

Finally, there was a tasting of typical Annobonese, Criollos, Fang and Bubi which all those present had the chance to try something, along with the ambassador Purificación Angue Ondo, the adviser Bernabé Ndong Mba Obono, the first secretary Bonifacio Mitogo Bindang, and the third secretary Ana Luisa Angue Ondo.

On the photo: The ambassador Purificación Angue Ondo,
during her words

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