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Visit by presidential couple to Akonibe


The presidential couple oversaw the laying of the first stones for the construction of various social projects in the village council areas which have been elevated to the status of urban district; Kukimankok, Bisobinam and Evodulu, in the Magna Carta city. In addition, he wished the population a happy 2017, and congratulated them on the electoral victory obtained in the latest presidential confrontations.

The first three speakers at the event were the mayor, the president of the PDGE district council, and the Government delegate. The auditorium also heard the technical report from the department of Public Works and Infrastructures, read by the minister, Pedro Ondo Nguema.

H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, in his first words, underlined the importance of peace, and announced that this is an election year, and for that reason the people of Akoniban must chose those who work for the common good.  In his speech, the Head of State also raised awareness among young people of the importance of teamwork and having common criteria, for the defence of the district and the nation.

The violence and acts of vandalism, and the destruction of the infrastructures created by the Government, was behaviour that the President of the Nation criticised. The event closed with the presentation of medals to outstanding PDGE militants, who have worked for the success of that party in Akonibe.

On the photo: The Presidential couple during their visit to Akonibe

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