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Bata is the biggest city of the continental part of Equatorial Guinea. The ex-capital still keeps colonial charm and developed infrastructure. This is the economic center and the transport hub of the republic. You can easily get to Malabo, Libreville, Duala and Kotona from the Bata International Airport. The city port is one of the major and the deepest ports in the country. Because there was no natural bay, the Guineans constructed a mall. In old days, vessels used to carry cocoa and timber from Bata, now there are mainly tankers.

The exact year when Bata was founded is unknown (the 17th century according to some sources), but back in 1907 its population was 237 people. Today, this is the most densely populated city with over 250 000 people. The main educational, medical and sports establishments are based in Bata, as well as comfortable hotels, where more and more tourists stay apart from businesspeople. There are a few nice beaches in the neighborhood and a new more-than-20-kilometer-long picturesque embankment. The city is developing by leaps and bounds: about a hundred of sea and land projects are being in progress right now. 


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