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Declarations by Minister of Civil Aviation regarding ICAO report


Reporters from the national television channel, Asonga, and the Official Web Page of the Government, surrounded the Minister for Civil Aviation, Fausto Abeso Fuma, on leaving the Chamber of Deputies, following his voluntary appearance on 15th March. The journalists asked him questions, after he had received applause from the people's representatives.

The minister, in his words, said: “For us it is a great honour to come and report to the people on the results obtained in the latest audit. They know that for officials from the aeronautical authority it was a challenge, and finally this dream has become a reality. That does not mean that we are going to lower our guard. From this moment we are going to work and redouble our efforts to continue and demonstrate that we can do things well. We have not come off the blacklist to later go back on it, for us this is a new starting point, we are going to meet the requirements of international aviation".

Abeso Fuma also announced that: “We now have a three-party meeting this month in Swaziland, between the president of the International Civil Aviation Organization and representatives from the European Union and the Ministry for Civil Aviation, and then we are going to reach an agreement to know when the European Union (EU) will decide to remover us from the blacklist but, with the ICAO report, the European Union automatically has nothing further to say. Our next objective now is to table negotiations with the United States aeronautical authority, which requires less. The EU demands eight areas, which the United States demands three; I believe that we will reach an agreement with the EU, although everything is already decided.

The only process required by airlines now, for example when Ceiba wants to begin flying to Europe, is to be audited by the EU, who have to come to check that, in reality, Ceiba meets the conditions"
, explained Abeso Fuma.

With regards to the time until restarting the suspended flights by Ceiba Intercontinental from our country to Spain, the head of Civil Aviation forecast a very short time, as "our lawyers are working on it, and I believe that in a very short time the Malabo-Madrid flights will restart".

The minister also issued a message to passengers: “We apologise to all passengers for the problems the company has experienced. Ceiba Intercontinental has not been responsible for these, and has indirectly suffered consequences which have affected the credibility of the company, but I believe that these are few, we now know what happened, we will be patient, reincorporate our flights and demonstrate our abilities before the companies that are taking advantage of the situation".

On the photo: The Minister before the media

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