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Vice-President of the Republic attends Conference on Security and National Defence in Rio de Janeiro


On his return to the country, the Vice-President of the Republic was received at Malabo airport by the mayoress of the capital, María Coloma Edjang Bengono; the Governor of Bioko Norte, León Elo Ondo; members of the Government; the Minister of State Charged with National Security, Nicolás Obama Nchama, and members of the Vice-President's cabinet.

The work carried out during the Conference on Security and Defence, which was attended by Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, focussed on the fight against maritime piracy, the trafficking of people, and organised drugs trafficking.

Members of the Equatoguinean delegation which travelled to Brazil, led by the Vice-President of the Republic, strongly condemned these crimes, and declared their complete willingness to fight against them.

During the conference, some arms manufacturers used the occasion to present their products to the delegations present.

The work of the forum ended satisfactorily for participating countries and, in particular, for the Equatoguinean delegation.

On the photo: The Vice-President of the Republic

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