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Launch campaign to make Equatorial Guinea a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council


"Since its integration within the United Nations Organisation on 12th November 1968, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea has never enjoyed the right to be a member of the UN Security Council, the decisive body within the organisation of which other countries have formed a part over the years" said the Secretary of State from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Domingo Mituy Edjang, during the first meeting held for the official launch of the campaign for out country to take up the post of non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

The meeting served for the various ambassadors from the African Group to declare their support for the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and the Republic of Ivory Coast, who is trying for the post for the second time.

At the act, the representative from the African Group, together with the majority of the ambassadors, coincided in indicating that the continent is proud of the two candidates, who are going to enjoy the backing of the African Union.

The delegation from Malabo, supported by the Equatorial Guinea Permanent Representative before the UN, Anatolio Ndong Mba, and the deputy, Victoriana Obiang Mangue, later oversaw a large reception organised by the permanent missions from our country and Ivory Coast, which was attended by senior representatives from the  regional blocks, before whom Domingo Mituy Edjang asked for votes in favour of Equatorial Guinea.

On the photo: Greetings for the Equatoguinean

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