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Prime Minister resolves Evuat Dulu communication problems


Political leaders from the District of Akonibe, and leaders of the People's Council from Evuat Dulu, told the Prime Minister of the difficulties in communication within the people's council area, which was cut off due to the collapse of three small bridges which cross three rivers in the area which pass the city of Akonibe, and a river with a permanent bridge that links it to the city of Djibloho, and which due to a rise in its level, does not permit transit.

The Prime Minister, assisted by the Regional Delegate for Public Works and Infrastructures, technicians from the Department of Infrastructures in Djibloho, and representatives from the company Besix, the builder of various bridges on the outskirts of Djibloho, went to the area to learn the exact magnitude of the problem.

After listening to explanations and analysing the situation, the Prime Minster instructed representatives from Public Works and Besix, so that with the presence of representatives from Geoproyectos, the company first makes definitive delivery of the constructed bridge and, in addition, builds a ramp to join and cover the waters which separate the bridge from the other bank on solid ground, in order to allow the passage of pedestrians and light vehicles.

Furthermore, Obama Asue visited the area of the town which leads to the city of Akonibe, in which the situation regarding isolation is more serious, due to the swelling of three rivers which has destroyed three bridges. Addressing this, the Prime Minister ordered the construction of another three bridges using permanent materials.

The company has already begun construction work on the ramp, and has promised to finish the work shortly. With regards to the construction of the bridges, they will contact the Infrastructures authorities to carry out their rapid design and construction.

The people praised and thanked the President of the Republic for this rapid response in resolving their problems.

The Prime Minister handed over 500,000 Franco CFA for the local population, and encouraged them to live in harmony and keep the peace.

On the photo: The Prime Minister during his visit to
the area

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