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Meeting between Foreign Minister and officials from US State Department


"The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is looking more and more like one of the countries advocating a peaceful solution to the various problems that humanity is currently facing, through open, sincere dialogue within the framework of the brotherhood uniting countries which make up the United Nations Organisation, and within the context of multilateral cooperation", said the head of Equatoguinean diplomacy, Agapito Mba Mokuy, during the high-level meeting held in the United States capital between the delegation from our country and the North American State Department.

The aim of the meeting was to took at some timely questions regarding the unanimity that the group of States providing solutions to global conflicts on the highest UN decision-making body must reach among the permanent and non-permanent members, with the sole aim of working as a block in order to respond with greater forcefulness to any threat aimed at placing global security in danger.

Regarding some timely issues such as human trafficking, terrorism, United Nations reform, keeping the peace and the resolution of armed conflicts, the threat of nuclear weapons, and other less important issues, the Equatoguinean Foreign Minister and the North American State Department coincided in opting for a firm joint posture, which would help peace and security maintain its place in the course of life for human beings on any point on the planet.

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