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Working session at Ministry for Culture and Craft Promotion


During the meeting, they were informed that a specialist in museums was going to visit, who will arrive in the next few days, in order to look at  the furniture in the museums before they are opened. To do this, the Ministry for Culture and Craft Promotion has created a mixed commission made up of personnel from the Head of State's Office and the Department for Culture, from 15th of this month, to create an exhaustive inventory of the entire cultural and artistic heritage at the ministry, in order that it is displayed in the museums.

With regards to the Mongomo Museum, it will display pieces from the palaces and presidential residences, and assets from Head of State, both national and international, in what will be the Obiang Nguema Mbasogo Museum.

“After 61 years, Equatorial Guinea will have two emblematic museums, prior to the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of National Independence, on 12th October 2018. In order to prepare these museums for opening, the ministry will provide the technicians with all that they need to complete this first task", concluded the minister, Ndong Esono.

On the photo: The minister Rufino Ndong Esono Nchama

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