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President of the Republic holds audiences


The aim of the audience was to present to the Equatoguinean leader the posture of the United Nations with respect to the attempted State Coup which recently took place in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, and gather further information on the matter. The audience was attended by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Agapito Mba Mokuy, and the Representative of the United Nations Organisation for Food and Agriculture, Olman Serrano, among other components of the entourage.

Lonseny Fall declared that both the United Nations and the African Union have sent a communiqué expressing their resounding condemnation of all acts attempting to change through force and violence the constitutional order in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, whose legitimate institutions are working for peace for African and the rest of the world.

The senior officials from the United Nations expressed the support of their organisation for the Head of State for having emerged peacefully from the situation, and thus being able to continue with the huge task of development for the country, with progressive improvements in the standard of living of its inhabitants.

Continuing with the cycle of audiences for the 8th, the leader of the nation also received the President of the Equatorial Guinea Episcopal Conference and Archbishop of the Arch-diocese of Malabo, Monsignor Juan Nsue Edjang Meye.

In addition to wishing the President of the Republic and his family a Happy New Year, Nsue Edjang indicated that the Church in Equatorial Guinea condemned violence and pointed out the biblical principle of love for one's neighbour.

The Church and State maintain excellent relations of friendship and cooperation, and for that reason Monsignor came to confirm the solidarity of the religious institution with the Government, with respect to the prevention of this State Coup.

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