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Equatorial Guinea awaits Europe's reaction to a coup attempt in the country

The objective of the meeting was to inform about the seriousness of the situation in the country, after the terrorist attack less than a month ago.
Ambassador Nvono-Ncá assured that Equatorial Guinea will respect international law, the agreements and commitments reached and, of course, will respect the rule of law by ensuring respect for the democratic system. "That is why we will give the corresponding treatment, both to the terrorists and to the nationals involved," said the diplomat.
"Equatorial Guinea is still waiting for the European Union to pronounce itself in reference to this attack, condemning it and showing solidarity with our people, in the same way that the authorities of our country have never been impassive when Europe has suffered any kind of attack", Nvono-Ncá said. 
"This struggle to preserve national sovereignties must be common and joint," said Nvono-Ncá. "We are surprised by the delayed European reaction, but we do hope that we will hear it soon," he added.
On the photo: Ambassador Nvono-Ncá (on the left) during the conversation

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