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Working agenda for Regional Delegation for Forests and the Environment


At the meeting there was an analysis of paper No. 614 of 26th September 2017, through which the departmental Minister, Francisco Mba Olo Bahamonde, designated the commission led by the Secretary of State for Forests and the Environment, Santiago Francisco Engonga, to verify in situ the level of compliance with Presidential Decree No. 7/2017 of 31st January, banning the felling of trees for commercial reasons by operators of chainsaws and some forestry companies on national soil.

The Secretary of State, in his words, underlined the fact that the need for the technical meeting came about through the statistical provided by an inspection, which highlighted many irregularities by companies. These actions were outlined in detail in a report regarding the matter, containing specific recommendations and proposals.

One of these recommendations was the urgent need to organise a meeting with a view to the reorientation of the sector, so that forest exploitation operations become compatible with the principles of sustainability, as indicated in the current legal instruments, such as Law No. 1/1997, of 18th February, on the use and handling of forests, and its regulations, and Law No. 7/2003, of 27th November, regulating the environment.

This meeting, aimed at all the heads of section and negotiations from the delegation in question, will be held over two days in Bata, from 25th to 26th January.

For the closing session there will be a final communiqué, which will bring together all the points agreed to during the working session.

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