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Head of State returns to Malabo from Congo-Brazzaville


At 22:00, the plane carrying the Head of State, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, landed at the presidential terminal of Malabo International Airport, following his participation in the Summit on the Congo Basin and the Blue Fund.

Some officials from the ministries of Security and Defence guarded the arrival of the Head of State, who in declarations to the media indicated the importance of the summit which took place in Congo-Brazzaville over the last three days.

"When people speak about the Congo Basin, it means that African has an area which is the lung of the world, like the Amazon; as such, we have a duty to defend this area, to prevent destruction of any kind; not only in the forestry aspect, but also the sea bed and all aspects of the wealth that today is of incalculable value", declared the President.

He went on to say that, “A large number of leaders have taken part in this summit, including those from North Africa, such as the King of Morocco, some presidents from the south of Africa, and we signed a document which will collect funds in order that donating countries can defend ecology, and can provide resources to finance development projects in order to control the destruction of those important resources. It is not for us to contribute, but the member countries are going to create a fund to carry out the management, with an office to oversee the Congo Basin, and ambassadors have also been named to raise awareness among donating countries to defend ecology, in order to provide resources to finance projects in the area".

On the photo: The Head of State before the media

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