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Meeting between Prime Minister and foreign airline companies


In order to better perform their activities, the Prime Minister has indicated that the administration is adopting measures aimed at the reduction of the Seguriport tax, the removal of the 15% VAT on the cost of a ticket, and the corresponding reduction of international air tax.

Obama Asue also reported on negotiations that the Government is involved in with the company TOTAL, to review the price of a litre of JET 1 A fuel.

This meeting took place minutes after a prior meeting held with the ministers for Finance, the Economy and Planning, and Civil Aviation, Lucas Abaga Nchama and Leandro Mico Angüe, respectively.

The Prime Minister has given the airlines 72 hours to present to the Government the difficulties they are encountering, in order to provide an immediate solution.

For their part, the companies thanked the Government for the opportunity provided to pass on information first hand.

The meeting, which took place on 2nd May,at the Presidency of the Government, was attended by two presidential advisers, charged with Legal Affairs and Administrative Affairs.

On the photo: Obama Asue overseeing the meeting

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