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First Lady presents materials at CANIGE headquarters in Malabo


The First Lady of the Nation, Constancia Mangue de Obiang, went to the CANIGE headquarters in Malabo to oversee the ceremony to distribute motorcycles, electric and manual wheelchairs, and crutches to around thirty members of the Association for National Solidarity with the Disabled in Equatorial Guinea.

As this was the first meeting for five months, Mangue de Obiang and those she sponsors exchanged new year's greetings for 2018, in the presence of the President of the Assonami, Senator Martín Elá Ondó Nsuru, and authorities from the Support Committee for Equatoguinean Children, such as Eulalia Envó Bela, and other members.

Constancia Mangue de Obiang supported one of the slogans for overall welfare under the Equatorial Guinea Development Plan "Housing for All".

Another of the aspects to be highlighted is the movement of the sick to the La Paz Medical Centre in Malabo; a disabled mother and her two under-fives are going to live in SOS Children's Villages in Вata, a task that is going to be undertaken by the Minister for Social Affairs and Gender Equality, María Consuelo Nguema Oyana, under the auspices of the First Lady.

On the photo: The First Lady, Constancia Mangue de

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