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Delegation from Foreign Affairs visits new diplomatic headquarters


The Secretary of State, Charged with the Economic and Patrimonial Affairs of Equatorial Guinea, María Ángeles Miaga Bibang, is leading the delegation, which also includes Julio Obama Ondo, Inspector General for Services at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, and the the General Auditor from the State Treasury, Juan Engonga Esono.

Government policy to strengthen South.South Cooperation and the ties of friendship and cooperation with African countries and the world has facilitated the opening of the new diplomatic headquarters in Uganda, Mozambique and Tunisia.

The inspection visit by the delegation from Foreign Affairs, in those countries where the Government has just appointed new Ambassadors, aims to set the date for official openings for these new embassies, and look at the possibility of acquiring property, bureaucratic material and logistical resources.

The opening of these diplomatic headquarters is in line with Government policy to strengthen and reinforce bilateral relations and South-South Cooperation. For over a week, the delegation from Foreign Affairs led by the Secretary of State, charged with the Economic and Patrimonial Affairs of Equatorial Guinea overseas, will work with the Ambassadors that Equatorial Guinea has recently appointed with residence in the cities of Kampala, Maputo and Tunis, respectively.

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