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Government adopts measures to reduce the cost of airline tickets


“Essentially this involves the review of value added tax on international tickets and a reduction in the tax", explained Mico Angüé, who recalled that they "are measures that the Government needs in order to boost the economy of the country".

The Government member went on to point out that "it is a sacrifice made by the Government in order to lighten the burden on our passengers with respect to the cost of a ticket, so that more passengers may travel".

The meeting served as an occasion to notify airlines in the country regarding the measures adopted by the Government of Equatorial Guinea, following the concerns arising in companies on specific tax rates that the Government applies to airline tickets.

The measures adopted by the Government were those that the Minister for Civil Aviation, Leandro Mico Angüé, made public during the meeting, so that representatives of the airlines, in turn, could include them within their systems.

On the photo: Leandro Mico Angüé

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