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The producer Dieciséis Novenos interviews Head of State


The national producer of audio-visual programmes, Dieciséis Novenos, is working on a documentary on the overall vision of the country to mark the upcoming 50th Anniversary of National Independence. For the celebration in Malabo, various television stations and national and international producers are making reports and documentaries in relation to the sociocultural and socio-economic development in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, singe gaining National Independence, on 12th October 1969, to 12th October of 2018.

Central Channel in China, Russia Today, France 24 and Africa Media, to the national producer, Dieciséis Novenos, have all had the privilege of getting to know the truth about the social, economic and political route of the Equatoguinean nation.

On 27th August, it was the doyen of the media, Felipe Rondo, who interviewed the President of the Republic, Head of State and Government, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, in order to receive his impressions on the overall perspective for the country.

The exclusive contained a total of twelve questions, and a recommendation that the Head of State gave, thanks to his vast experience steering the historic destiny of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, from 3rd August 1979 to the present day.

Along those lines, the leader of the nation began with a positive evaluation of the current state of the country; a vision which -according to his words- should be shared by all citizens with clear ideas about development, which has made the country better now with respect to the past.

He also spoke about relations with Spain as an old city that should be dominant, as if the Republic of Equatorial Guinea has one of the strongest economies in the subregion and on the continent, the support of Spain would benefit even further the two parties.

He also spoke about the policy of ethnic cultural integration of successive governments since national independence was won, pointing out that there is strong social cohesion; an aspect which should be taken into account by any leader, in order not to make mistakes.

H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo also praised the State-Church relationship, in the sense that the two institutions were working for the good of the people.

In the presence of the Minister of State, Charged with Missions, Alejandro Evuna Owono Asangono, and the Minister for the Presidency of the Republic, Charged with Foreign Security, Juan Antonio Bibang Nchuchuma, and various director generals from the Head of State's Office, the Head of State, after exhausting the questions in this exclusive which lasted around 55 minutes, he recommended that the people of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea continued to work and create a benchmark country, leaving behind sterile fights and selfishness, in order to build a stable strong nation.

Miguel Ángel Sikota, a member of the board of Dieciséis Novenos, also presented the Head of State with the magazines edited by his producer containing information about the country.

The President of the Republic praised the interviewers and the technical team for this initiative which will contribute towards the good reputation of Equatorial Guinea.

On the photo: During the interview

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