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Office No. 29 of Equatorial Guinea National Bank opens


With the aim of expanding the services that the institution provides throughout the country, BANGE completed its plan with the opening of office No. 29, known as Bange Treasury.

Bange Treasury aims to internationalise the bank's services, by setting up the corresponding branches and offices. To date, BANGE believes it has fulfilled the vision of the Head of State, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, to provide the Republic of Equatorial Guinea with a "bank of all and for all Equatoguineans", which is responsible for the financing of the national economy.

According to the BANGE Director General, "the agency represents office number 29 in the broad network of agencies under the Equatorial Guinea National Bank (BANGE) throughout the nation, and will contribute directly towards increasing the degree of bank use in our country; at the root of this vision, we are democratising banking services with new products for all sectors of the national economy".

Continuing with his presentation, Nsue Nsua said that the banking institution he led had democratised banking services through new products for all sectors of the national economy, “The Equatorial Guinea National Bank has consolidated recognition of the BANGE brand on an international level and has opted for digital banking, providing clients with services such as Internet Banking, and SMS alert services, among other innovations. Our bank has already set out on its international journey with the opening of a representative office in Madrid, in the Kingdom of Spain, which will soon become a subsidiary abroad".

Just before the cutting of the ceremonial tape by the General State Chancellor, Jesús Caricio Nkoni, and the blessing by a priest, the director general made public a new product known as Public treasury Credit, based on special advantages for staff at the General State Treasury.

This initiative basically aims to provide credit under special conditions to employees at the General State Treasury, with the simple condition that the official must be a BANGE customer.

The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Director General of BANGE, Pedro Abeso Obiang Eyang, sector directors and heads of areas from the bank and from the General State Treasury, among other figures.

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