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The Head of State awards RTVGE journalists

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the start-up of Radio and Television Equatorial Guinea (RTVGE) and according the proposal of the Ministry of Information, Press and Radio, through Decree no. 150/2018, media professionals from Equatorial Guinea were honored on Monday, September 24, by the Prime Minister of the Government, in charge of Administrative Coordination, Francisco Pascual Obama Asue, representing the Head of State Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.
The journalists were awarded by Official, Silver and Bronze Medals.
With The Official Medal were decorated following professionals: Alfonso Nsue Mokuy, Antonio Nnandongo Nguema; Hermenegildo Moliko Chele; José Mba Obama Bendomo; Purification Opo Barila; Santiago Ngua Nfumu Eyang; Juan-Lorenzo Machimbo Bisabinga; Virgilio Seriche Riloha; José Esono Bakale; Cristina Abeso Nsegue and Perpetua Oyana Edjang.
With The Silver Medal were awarded: Santiago Miko Esimi; Wilfredo Nzeng Esono; Agustín Barila Sota and Francisco Mabale Esono. 
And finally, The Bronze Medal was given to given to following journalists: Bernardo Mpele Margues; Manuel Sima Eyene; Benedicto Ndemesogo Obiang; Fatima Oyana Elegui and Rafael Ndemesogo Obiang.
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