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Equatorial Guinea attends I African Forum of Cybersecurity


The I African Cybersecurity Forum is taking place from 16th to 18th October, at the central headquarters of the African Union (AU), organised by the AU commission in collaboration with the European Union (EU), the European Council (EC), Interpol, the United Nations Office for the Fight against Drugs and Crime (UNODC) the United States State Department for the Fight against Drugs and Crime, and the Government of the United Kingdom.

The aim of this important forum, that is taking place for the first time in Africa, is to discuss policy and legislation, develop the capacities and international cooperation which will allow the States to face the challenges and complexity of actions and working processes by cybercriminals or cyberdelinquents.

The continuous evolution of Information and Communication Technologies, (ICT) also develop sophisticated working processes, services and applications, which lamentably fall into the hands of criminals, who take advantage of the interconnection of information systems to commit crimes via the internet.

In accordance with recent studies, the African continent is one of those most exposed to cybernetic delinquency, with digital connections that are growing rapidly (the percentage of people connected has tripled in recent years).

For that reason, over the three days, the experts from African countries, and regional and international organisations, will discuss and seek solutions for:

Policy and legislation against cybercrime with regional and international standards.

  • International Cooperation: a pillar in the combat of cybernetic crime, and combat them adequately through cross-border handling of digital and electronic evidence. The lack of policy and sustainable legislation in almost 80% of African countries makes it the continent chosen by cybercriminals.
  • The creation of Development Programmes for Capacities in Africa, which allow judicial authorities to judge cybernetic crimes on the continent.
  • On the Photo: Representatives of Equatorial Guinea at the forum

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