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Malabo celebrates National Day of Spain


The Embassy of Spain celebrated its national holiday on Friday, October 19. The ceremony was attended by Angel Mesie Mibuy, Second Deputy Prime Minister of the Government, Pastor Micha Ondo Bile, Minister of Commerce and Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises and Bonifacio Mitogo Edjang, Delegate Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The members of the Spanish diplomatic delegation were headed by Ambassador Guillermo López Mac-Lellan.

The Hilton Hotel was the setting for the celebration of the National Holiday of the Kingdom of Spain, which coincided with the national holiday of Equatorial The event was also attended by the Rector of the UNGE, Filiberto Ntutumu, diplomats and guests from different regions.

Embassy Counselor Marco Penin Toledano spoke about the holiday scenario. After playing the national anthems of Spain and Equatorial Guinea
Ambassador Gillermo Lopez Mac-Lellan and Second Deputy Prime Minister Angel Mesie Mibu addressed the audience. After that, the performances of the Spanish flamenco group and the Equatoguinean singer Nelida Carr took place.
Guillermo Lopez Mac-Lellan said that Columbus Day, celebrated on October 12, is a holiday for more than 170 million people around the world united by a common language and history. Hispanidad today is kinship and friendship between nations, each of which retains its uniqueness.
In response, Angel Mesie Mibuy spoke about the developing cooperation between Equatorial Guinea and Spain, stressing that President Obiang Nguema Mbasogos desire is for this cooperation and cultural ties to develop even more intensively.
In particular, he said:
50 years after independence, we still expect Spains real presence in Equatorial Guinea, its contribution to the modernization of the former Spanish Guinea. The son, although he grew up, is still a son, and he always needs warmth and support from his mother.That is why the Spanish people, despite the contradictions between politicians, should become the center of gravity of the entire Spanish-speaking world"
On the photo: During the performance of hymns

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