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Obama Asue oversees meeting of Organising Committee for III National Economic Conference


The meeting took place on the morning of 4th December, at the Presidency of the Government, with the aim of sorting out issues relating to the economic conference which will take place in Malabo in 2019.

The First and Third Vice Prime Ministers of the Government, Clemente Engonga Nguema Onguene and Alfonso Nsue Mokuy, respectively, also attended the meeting, in which they dealt with the various activities of the conference and the state of the national development plan, because based on the plan they will carry out an evaluation to define the objectives, in order to reprogramme the national Plan for Economic and Social Development.

The Secretary of State, Charged with Monitoring the Horizonte 2020 Plan, César Augusto Mba Abogo, in conversation with the press after the meeting, described it as productive, in order to establish the mechanisms for its management that can facilitate foreign investment in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea; while he recalled that"in the last 10 years we have financed our projects, given that due to the results obtained in the next National Economic Conference there will be the deployment of a new development plan, in which the Government will lead the development of the country, backed by the active participation of the private sector and the involvement of all citizens".

On the photo: Obama Asue overseeing the meeting

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