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Delegation of Equatorial Guinea participated in the launch of the educational program of the African Union


The Education Strategy Development Program for Africa (CESA) involves following the six guiding principles to achieve twelve strategic objectives, including giving a new life to the teaching profession. Equatorial Guinea was represented in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) by a group of specialists from the Ministry of Education, headed by Marisol Efiri Nkogo Abege, director of the department for pre-school and primary education.

Another goal of the program is the creation, restoration and maintenance of school infrastructure, the development of policies that provide a permanent learning environment or, in other words, access to quality education at all levels.
During the working sessions, the need to use new information technologies, designed to accelerate processes leading to gender equality and the implementation of ambitious literacy programs, was discussed.
The meeting participants emphasized that the broadest access to higher education, research and innovation based on shared African values ​​is the way to achieve the global competitiveness of the African continent, to the resolution of conflicts and lasting peace.
On the picture: Members of the delegation
Equatorial Guinea

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