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Prime Minister manages WHO health alert


The urgent nature of the meeting was due to the receipt of a letter sent to the Government, from the World Health Organisation, raising the alarm regarding a batch of products deriving from pigs imported into our country by these companies; products which may contain the salmonella bacteria, Goldcoast serotype, which can cause an infection of the small and large intestine known as salmonellosis, which is contracted through the consumption of foods or liquids deriving from infected animals.

In fact the Government, after receiving the warning, immediately formed a commission in order to adopt drastic measures to effectively manage the health warning. The commission, made up of the ministers for the Interior, Health, Agriculture and Trade, will first implement a total block on all the meat products, prohibiting their sale during a limited period, and sealing off the chambers in the Santy and Martínez Hermanos warehouses in Malabo, Bata and the remaining warehouses in national territory; with the aim of identifying the affected batches and then destroying them by incineration.

The European Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF), reported to the Secretary of INFOSAN on the detection of an outbreak of salmonella that may be related to the consumption of pork products imported from an abattoir in the Netherlands, and the WHO took charge of alerting the Government of Equatorial Guinea.

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