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Bilateral meeting between China and Equatorial Guinea


The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Simeón Oyono Esono Angüe, oversaw the meeting which aimed to improve cooperation and implement the agreements reached within the framework of the China-Africa Cooperation Summit. The meeting served to strengthen the cooperation which already exists between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Equatorial Guinea; cooperation promoted by the two heads of State, H. E. and the Xi Jinping and H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

The China-Africa Summit took place in September 2018, and China adopted eight measures to provide support in Africa. To do this, the Chinese Government has considered it opportune to visit the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and begin the implementation of the measures adopted by the Chinese President for African countries, within the framework of the action plan for China-Africa cooperation for the 2019-2021 period.

There are many sectors which have been identified for the development of this China-Africa cooperation: infrastructures, small and medium-sized businesses, industry, trade, peace and security, and agriculture. In conclusion, there are various sectors that the People's Republic of China is prepared to promote in order to support the African continent.

On the photo: During the bilateral meeting

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