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The new ambassador to Brazil presented his credentials to President Bolsonaru

During the ceremony, he was accompanied by his wife, Maria Louise Angue Ejang de Ndong, as well as two diplomatic staff of the embassy. During the conversation, President Bolsonaro expressed interest in continuing cooperation with Equatorial Guinea and giving new dynamism to bilateral relations.
Ndong Nguema Mbengono conveyed to the President of Brazil sincere congratulations from Obiang Nguema Mbasogo on his recent election as head of state and stressed the intention of the Government of Equatorial Guinea to strengthen and develop the existing bilateral relations as CPLP member countries.  
In particular, they discussed cooperation in the agricultural sector, namely the introduction of Brazilian technology in Equatorial Guinea, which is part of the state policy of economic diversification.
Juan Ndong Nguema Mbengono was born on May 27, 1961 in the town of Meian-Efach, district of Mongomo. He is married and has five children. Since 1995, he has held several positions: Minister of Health and Social Welfare; Deputy Minister of National Security; Advisor to the President of the Government on National Security; member of the National Council of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea; Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco; a part-time ambassador in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Tunisian Republic, and the Algerian Republic; Ambassador to the Gabonese Republic; the chargé d'affaires at Yaoundé; Business Advisor at the Embassy in Cuba; Consul General in Douala.
He is a divisional general of the national police.
Awarded by the King of Morocco Mohamed VI in 2011.
On the photo: Brazilian President Zhair Messias Bolsonar and  Ambassador Juan Ndong Nguema Mbengono

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