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Meeting of Tourism Ministers of the CPLP in Lisbon


Ambassador to Portugal and CPLP (Commonwealth of Portuguese-speaking Countries) Tito Mba Ada took part in the II Business and Investment Forum in Lisbon. The diplomat spoke about the investment climate in Equatorial Guinea - a stable and secure country open to investment.

In a brief presentation, Tito Mba Ada spoke about the infrastructure created in the country, including modern roads, ports, airports, congress halls, hotels, sports facilities, golf courses, fiber-optic telecommunications network - that is, everything that is needed for holding international forums and sporting events.
Equatorial Guinea is of great interest in terms of ecotourism. Natural sites such as Basile Peak, 3,008 meters high; Urek, Riaba, Arena Blanca, Campo River, Mbini and Korisco beaches; Ilachi waterfalls, Lake Appot on Annobon Island, Malabo National Park can undoubtedly attract tourists from all over the world.
Equatorial Guinea is also rich in cultural tourism, representing both examples of traditional culture and the Spanish colonial heritage.
In addition, the ambassador spoke about the work carried out by the government in the framework of the National Tourism Plan. These laws are about tourist visas; on the classification and quality of hotel facilities in Equatorial Guinea; tourist guide; about travel agencies; on the protection of tourists; about online visa. In addition, the country is planning to create a National Tourism Bureau.
In conclusion, the diplomat announced the opening of the Single Business Window, recalling that Equatorial Guinea is also a member of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency and a party to bilateral agreements with friendly countries.
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