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Vice-President of the Republic holds audiences


The first to go to the official office of H. E. Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue was the United States Ambassador, Susan Stevenson. At the meeting, the two figures spoke about how to cooperate for the economic diversification of Equatorial Guinea, with greater emphasis on the tourism sector.

"We covered economic diversification, and the possibility of developing the ecotourism sector in Equatorial Guinea. Not only on the island of Bioko, but also on the continental part, at strategic points such as the Monte Alén Park if on the island of Corisco",said Susan Stevenson, before local press.

The coronavirus, confirmed in over 114,000 cases of contagion, has caused 3,646 deaths in 100 countries around the world. Faced with this worrying situation, the Head of national Defence and State Security received Qi Mei, who reported on progress with the measures adopted by the Chinese Government to contain COVID-19.

We mainly spoke about the current situation regarding the coronavirus epidemic",said Qi Mei, to Equatorial Guinea public television.I also reported to H. E. the Vice-President of the Republic on the progress and achievements in the work being done by the Chinese Government in the battle against the new coronavirus",she added.

According to news in the Chinese media, 17 new cases were confirmed today, and all these were at the epicentre of the epidemic, Wuhan, and"there were no cases in other regions",assured Qi Mei.

On the same day, Nguema Obiang Mangue spoke to the Spanish Ambassador, Guillermo López, on international affairs.

We were able to cover current international issues such as the matter of security in the Gulf of Guinea; current health issues, such as the problem of the coronavirus, from which no country has been exempt in no part of the world", said Guillermo López, before the media."And we also covered bilateral issues, some at great depth. In any case, this was within the framework of the regular contact that an Ambassador usually maintains in the country where they are accredited, as in my meeting with the Head of State and President of the Republic, last week", declared the Spanish diplomat.

In addition to speaking on economic diversification, the reduction of cases of coronavirus in China, and an analysis of international affairs, the parties also reviewed the relations of friendship and cooperation uniting Equatorial Guinea with those countries.

The audiences took place in the presence of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs, Security, national Defence and the Secretary of State from the latter ministerial department.

On the photo: During the meeting wih U.S. Ambassador

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