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Coronavirus control measures prove effective

Equatorial Guinea has developed a protocol for the prevention of the coronavirus epidemic, adopted immediately after the first cases of the disease detected on the African continent. Thanks to these measures, today it was possible to identify and isolate the passenger of the flight from Spain.
The Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea has decided that all arrivals from high-risk countries (more than 500 diagnosed cases) are immediately quarantined.
If the identified person has common symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, cough and shortness of breath, he will be transferred to the Malabo airport detention center, where biological samples will be taken. After three hours, the laboratory diagnoses whether the case is a coronavirus.
If the answer is negative, then the person is taken to the Bami Hotel 10 minutes from Malabo Airport, where he is quarantined for two weeks, during which he is also under surveillance.
Patients with a confirmed diagnosis are transferred to the Sampaka hospital, where there is a trained team of doctors, as well as all materials and equipment for symptomatic treatment.
In each suspicious case, a rapid response team operates that initiates an examination.
The laboratory at the Baney Medical Center works in coordination with the Pasteur Institute in Cameroon and the viral disease research centers in Senegal and South Africa.
The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare asks the population to remain calm and to comply with all preventive measures.
On the photo: Baney Research Laboratory

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