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The Chamber of Deputies suspends its activity for 15 days

The decision of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of Equatorial Guinea to suspend meetings for a term of 15 was announced on Monday, March 16. The decree was signed by the speaker of the lower house of Gaudencio Mohaba Messu.
The decision in particular states that such a decision was made by the Bureau and the Council of Representatives of the House in connection with the serious situation arising from the spread of coronavirus in the world, which poses a danger to public health in Equatorial Guinea.
Welcoming and fully supporting the measures taken by the government of the country to prove the effectiveness of the epidemic, the members of the Chamber of Deputies urge the citizens of Equatorial Guinea to strictly adhere to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and other departments, as well as to observe personal hygiene rules.
If necessary, the suspension of the activities of the Chamber of Deputies may be extended, the resolution says.

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