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Message of alert from President of the Republic


"Message of alert from the President of the Republic, Head of State and Government, President Founder of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea has issued a message of alert to the People of Equatorial Guinea regarding the imminent danger of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Malabo, 17th March 2020

Dear Compatriot Equatoguineans,

I am appearing before the People to point out that the world in general and the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in particular are going through times of serious Health Crisis which began in December 2019, due to the rapid and virulent expansion of the illness caused by Coronavirus 19, which in a short space of time has reached pandemic proportions with huge losses of human life in countries enjoying high technology, bringing highly disastrous social and economic effects throughout the world.

According to official statistics, the pandemic has affected over 167,511 people, in 151 countries from all the continents, of whom 6,606 people have died.

The particular situation in Equatorial Guinea is very worrying for the population, and it should be considered a State of Emergency, taking into account the few technological means and the territorial vulnerability of our Country, which means that our population must respond with a civic spirit of responsibility and support, respecting the measures and provisions adopted by the Government and executed by the competent Health Authorities.

Not complying with these provisions established by the Government constitutes an act of civil disobedience which endangers the health of the entire People of Equatorial Guinea, because the way this illness is passed on is via person to person contact, and ignoring this fact could lead us to a Catastrophic Humanitarian Crisis for the health of the nation of unpredictable dimensions.

From My position as Head of State and guarantor of the well-being of the People of Equatorial Guinea, I urge all My compatriots to respect and scrupulously apply the regulations dictated by the Government in order to contain the spread of this illness in Equatorial Guinea.

It should be pointed out that to date a total of three (3) infected persons have been identified and 137 suspected persons are in Quarantine, so we are urging those who arrived in the country from potentially infected countries in the last 30 days to go to the Health Authorities in order that they can take the necessary measures to contain the expansion of the illness. It would not be good for the Government to use coercive measures against those not complying with these requests, through contravening the measures established in the general interest of the Nation.

I thus invite everyone to make a huge effort to protect the health of our Nation and fight the Coronavirus 19 pandemic.

Long live the Republic of Equatorial Guinea!


On the photo: Obiang Nguema Mbasogo


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