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Equatorial Guinean companies are presented in the IMEX fair in Spain


Equatorial Guinea had a large stand at the second edition of the IMEX International Business and Investment Fair, which took place on June 10 and 11 in Alcoy (Alicante), and June 17 and 18 in Valencia.

It is the second time that, with the coordination and support of the Chambers of Commerce of Bioko and Rio Muni, the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Spain participates in this important exhibit, which was visited by thousands of businessmen and women from around the world, interested in investing in international products. The BANGE also participated in the Equatorial Guinean stand, to provide information about its services to all visitors.

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Spain, Purificacion Angue Ondo, was personally at the two exhibits, one in  Alcoy and the other in Valencia, to support the national businessmen and companies. "This is the second time we participate in this show, and it has been difficult and hard work, but of course we are very satisfied with the result," she said.

Among the products that had the best reception and aroused more interest among visitors to the area of Equatorial Guinea were, for example, chocolate and cocoa produced on the island of Bioko and pineapple, mango, peanuts, banana and crafts such as baskets.

Contacts between international businessmen have been really productive, and there have been representatives of corporations that were interested in the possibility of services that can be performed in Equatorial Guinea, such as medical supplies and recycling of tires. Some of those interested in products from Equatorial Guineans have also been invited to visit our country, so they can learn in situ of the trade and economic possibilities offered.

On behalf of the Chambers of Commerce of Bioko and Rio Muni, the vice presidents of both institutions also took part, personally supporting this important and necessary initiative to develop economic diversification and boost exporting of products abroad.

On the photo: Equatorial Guinea's booth at the fair in

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